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Toshiba IT-Services

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Global Managed Service Provider engaged in the maintenance, integration, installation, and operation of ICT equipment such as servers and network equipment

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At a Glance

Global Leader in Managed Services for ICT Equipments.

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At a Glance


Kanagawa, Japan


IT Managed Service Provider


Maintenance personnel


Locations nationwide in Japan


The Challenge

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Toshiba IT-Services Corporation is an IT Managed Service Provider (ITMSP) part of the Toshiba Group. They are engaged in the maintenance, integration, installation, and operation of ICT equipment such as servers and network equipment.

As their customers take steps towards digitization, they increasingly rely on information communications technologies (ICT) to run their core business. Hence, there is a growing focus on the need for an always-on delivery model to support the inspection and construction of ICT.  As their business needs to be more agile, Toshiba IT-Services is looking to improve their operational efficiency related to “rush maintenance support”.  

Today, their schedule & dispatching process is done manually, relying on coordinators to make decisions based on incomplete information. Inventory control and forecasting is limited today, creating inefficiencies across their inventory management practices. By using a manual stock management approach, parts delivery schedule isn’t optimized for preventive maintenance schedule, so parts shortage or unnecessary stock may occur.

“These are long-standing challenges for the field service industry. In order to solve these problems, we have introduced the management operation automation system provided by Zinier, and are working to improve the efficiency of operations,” said Mr. Yasushi Sugiyama, CEO of Toshiba IT Services. 

Introducing Zinier

The Solution

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Introducing Zinier

Toshiba IT-Services is looking to leverage AI and business automation to streamline its corrective and preventive maintenance operations. The two main areas of focus for the deployed solutions what to:

  • Optimize scheduling & dispatching process 
  • End-to-end mobile solutions to connect the back-office and field office teams in real-time
  • Better control inventory levels by optimizing the quantity of parts required

By partnering with Zinier, we are implementing AI-driven scheduling and dispatching systems across its organization. Automating the process, based on real-time data on customer site location, urgency, service-level agreement, and technicians’ skills. Through Zinier’s low-code AI platform, Toshiba is implementing a variety of automated workflow for common work order types (i.e., site survey, installation, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance). Zinier’s mobile workflows and automated close-out packages are also deployed.

Over 9 real-time operational and management dashboards are developed to drive Toshiba IT-Services field operations.

In Their Words

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In Their Words

“[Through Zinier] AI will analyze and predict when a problem may occur. We believe that if we can prevent incidents, we will be able to reduce the inventory of maintenance parts.”

- Mr. Yasushi Sugiyama | CEO of Toshiba IT Services.
Immediate Value

The Impact

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Immediate Value

With Zinier, Toshiba IT-Services is helping to streamline its corrective and preventive maintenance operations. By automating the scheduling, dispatching, mobile work execution and close-out processes, Zinier is able to minimize manual tasks completed by field technicians and coordinators. This also enables the organization to increase their speed of execution and agility when responding to rush maintenance requests. Field productivity and back-office efficiency, combined with more data-driven inventory management, will help Toshiba to capture OPEX savings.

The deployed solution will have direct impact on inventory management for Toshiba IT Services. The intelligent parts management system, will help to control and purchase process, minimizing the financial impact on working capital. Better predicting required parts numbers, appropriate stock location hence informed on purchasing recommendations.

By the Numbers

Operational Efficiency & Business Ability

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By the Numbers


Incidents per month


Improvement in SLA commitment


Increase in Field worker productivity


OPEX Savings

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