Everything you need to deliver amazing field service

An end-to-end field service solution that supercharges your back office and field force

We built Zinier from the platform up, giving you a scalable, innovative solution that
continually grows with your business.

Match the right work, with the right people, at the right time.

Automatically schedule and dispatch technicians based on skills, site proximity, even parts-on-hand.

Factor in real-time updates of part locations, warehouse inventory, and current job statuses.

Get notifications for regular, preventative maintenance of installed assets.

Create, deploy, and manage powerful, automated workflows.

Create automated workflows using JSON and visual flow charts to understand steps.

Automatically trigger the next series of steps or processes upon work completion.

Provide guided, step-by-step instructions to your field force with the Zinier mobile app.

Know how your in-house and outsourced teams are performing in real-time.

Understand FTFR, MTTR, and other key metrics with visual dashboards.

Get real-time updates with automated notifications and work approvals.

Ensure timely and accurate service delivery from your outsourced partners.

An enterprise solution continually
delivering the latest innovations

In the Cloud or on premise

Scale in the cloud

We are a secure, cloud-based solution. No upfront hardware costs or ongoing maintenance fees - you'll always have the latest and greatest with us.

Easy to integrate

Connect all systems

Our open APIs allow you to connect your existing HRMS, CRM, Knowledge Repository, and ERP systems to supercharge your field operations.

Enterprise grade security

Secure your data

We know your data is critical to the success of your business, and so we’ve built our platform on highly reliable and secure technologies.