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Stop Ignoring Your Field Service Symptoms — Innovate or Die

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In the current state of field service management there are so many variables, moving parts and an awful lot of ways that things can go wrong. Oftentimes the symptoms and signs are in plain sight and dragging the business down but what can we do to rectify them?

Watch the on demand webinar as we break out the microscope to examine the 6 Signs You’re Having an In-Field Performance Breakdown and offer the cure to those ailments – ultimately optimizing your business processes, connecting your back office to the field and improving your operating margins once and for all. This webinar references Zinier’s “6 Signs You’re Having an In-Field Performance Breakdown (and 6 ways to get healthy again)” ebook.

In this on demand webinar, we will focus on:

– Examining your in-field breakdowns
– Reviewing and understanding the root causes
– Revisiting your SOP and introduce the cure to your ailments (including: real-time analysis, enhanced visibility, streamlined communication and resilient response)



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Cole Hopkins

Account Executive, Zinier