Inventory and Asset Management

Simplify logistics,
drive uptime

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Lower costs and avoid breakdowns by automating asset management and inventory management

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The visibility you need
to be proactive

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Build a comprehensive log of all assets and inventory and proactively facilitate maintenance and stock transfers, eliminating operational delays due to missing or inaccurate data.


Increase asset uptime

Closely monitor performance of your entire installed base with a comprehensive asset log. Automatically trigger workflows for installation, repair, and retirement based on field data.


Ensure spare parts availability

One missing part can derail an entire project. Manage inventory down to the warehouse, depot, and truck level with a comprehensive Spare Parts log. Eliminate fraud and reduce field costs by tracking inventory and parts used in real time, across all teams and geographies.


Account for every resource used

All too often, technicians either forget or fail to update inventory logs, and that means money down the drain. Eliminate human error and work fraud by automatically tracking inventory and parts used in real-time, across all teams and geographies.


Turn insights
into action

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Find out how Zinier’s AI-driven Recommendation Center can help your teams work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

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Increase uptime
and productivity

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Extend asset life cycles with real-time equipment monitoring, proactive alerts for low performers, and AI-driven recommendations suggesting steps to take to prevent outages.


Deliver preventive maintenance

Zinier helps you service assets before they fail by proactively dispatching technicians based on asset status, early warning signs, and site-specific factors like regional weather conditions or current events.


Equip technicians at all times

Track trunk stock in real time to ensure technicians always have the parts they need. Lower mean-time-to-resolution by using AI and machine learning to predict the parts needed for each task.


Expect the unexpected

If a part needs to be replaced mid-task, instead of calling the back office and waiting for a transfer to be coordinated, the technician can simply request a replacement with a single tap on their mobile device. A nearby technician with the part on-hand will be automatically dispatched for delivery.


Tap into the
power of IoT

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Monitor equipment health in real time, driving opportunities for self-service and freeing technicians to focus on other tasks that require human intervention.


Integrate smart devices

With today’s technology, assets can have a lot to say. Easily connect your smart devices with Zinier to capture, analyze, and act on streaming data in real time.


Enable remote maintenance

Not every repair requires a truck roll. Drive efficiency by leveraging AI and automation to monitor your connected devices and identify opportunities for self-service.


Human-IoT collaboration

Whenever a repair does require physical technician involvement, Zinier will automatically dispatch the best technician based on skills, proximity, and availability.

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