The next generation
field operations platform


Zinier’s low-code Platform-as-a-Service makes managing field operations easy

Our platform is the fastest way to create and send workflows to field workers. No development needed, launch new workflows in under 2 hours to any mobile device natively.
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Launch 100x Faster

Launch 100x Faster

No development needed, Zinier helps you launch custom workflows to any mobile device in as little as 2 hours.

Infinite Versatility

Infinite Versatility

Change workflows on the fly through a drag-and-drop interface. No app updates required. Launch to all mobile devices natively.

Enterprise Integrated

Enterprise Integrated

On or off-premise, connect our platform to your existing systems quickly and securely to make relevant system data available to your workforce in the field.


Lower operational costs & increase margins

Efficiently managing your field operations is no easy task. With Zinier, we not only make it easy, but we also help you reduce costs, increase margins and make your customers happy.
10 Percent

Reduce operational costs

Digitize and automate your workflows to dispatch field workers more efficiently and lower your back-office load.

20 Percent

Increase margins

Empower your field workers with access to new product and promotional offers to trigger cross and upsell opportunities.

Plus 5

Make your customers happy

Digital workflows help you go from sale to install in record time, minimizing repeat service visits and improving the customer experience.