Real-Time Dashboards

Do more
with data

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Get deep visibility into your entire operation, so you can turn service insights into decisive actions

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Standardize service

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Ensure all teams and vendors execute each task thoroughly and accurately every time with detailed performance reports. Drive greater productivity and customer satisfaction.


Get a 360° view of your operation

View overall performance of field teams and equipment from a single dashboard, then drill down to individual sites and technicians to complete the picture – instead of endless back-and-forths on the phone to check task statuses


Zoom in on what matters most

Use Zinier’s real-time workforce analytics to discover if jobs are being completed accurately — and if not, identify the root of the problem. Track work performance and speed by team or task type, identify trends over time, and even receive alerts for at-risk projects based on custom triggers.


Keep vendor performance up to standards

Closely monitor performance of all third-party vendors alongside your in-house teams to ensure they meet your quality standards. Get the insights you need to make smart business decisions today and in the future.


Get a clear picture

A huge volume of data means nothing if you can’t decipher the important from the useless. Zinier lets you visualize the metrics you care about most, like Time to SLA and First Time Fix Rate, with custom dashboards for each level of your organization.


Turn insights
into action

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Find out how we help field service organizations work smarter and faster, from the back office to the field.


View every angle
of your operation

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Monitor performance with detailed reports and dynamic charts displaying data from all sources, including integrated external systems and smart devices.


All teams and data in one place

Climb out of those black holes of data from your disparate, siloed systems. Connect all your apps, software solutions, smart devices, and the Zinier mobile app to build a complete picture of your operations.


Surface insights instantly

Our AI-driven platform, ISAC, analyzes all of this data in real-time and compares against historical trends to deliver operational insights that drive improvement.


Perpetuate good performance

Once you’ve discovered areas of weakness, taken recommended actions, and worked out all the kinks, set your optimized processes in motion with intelligent automation.


Distribute critical knowledge

Easily export all reports and charts from Zinier for easy distribution to stakeholders. Drive improvement organization-wide by fueling decisions with solid data.

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