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Save thousands of dollars and countless hours each day with proactive recommendations designed to improve productivity in one click

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Solve problems
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Whether it’s reassigning a task, issuing a stock transfer, or dispatching the closest qualified tech for an emergency repair, take proactive measures to keep warning signs from escalating into bigger problems.


Surface critical warning signs

Our AI-driven platform, ISAC, looks at your entire operation’s historical and real-time data from every source, then simplifies these learnings into specific actions to drive productivity and improve operations.


Act quickly and confidently

Your back office can monitor each recommendation as it comes in and choose which ones to act on. With the press of a button, coordinators can accept or reject a recommendation, setting in motion a series of automated actions.


Optimize constantly

Ensure everything runs smoothly today and months down the line with proactive alerts configured to address your organization’s unique pain points. The whole time, ISAC learns from user behavior and adjusts future recommendations accordingly.


Supercharge your operations with AI

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Find out how Zinier’s AI-driven Recommendation Center can help your teams work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

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Coordinate with agility

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Minimize time coordinators spend looking for the right technician for the job, and rest assured that whoever is dispatched will have everything they need to get their work done right in one visit.


Find the best person for every job

Minimize time coordinators spend looking for the right technician for the job by surfacing the best match for each task based on skills, proximity, parts on-hand, and other criteria you deem important.

Schedule strategically

Know if one delayed technician will impact any upcoming tasks, and proactively reassign those tasks to the next best technician if so. Initiate a stock transfer between two nearby technicians before a spare part is requested to avoid any speed bumps.


Connect all teams and assets

Integrate all systems and IoT devices with Zinier and receive alerts for any potential high-impact setbacks. Dispatch a technician the moment it’s clear a smart device cannot service itself.


Take action on the
bigger picture

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Integrate all systems and IoT devices with Zinier to build a comprehensive view of your operation, and receive prompt alerts for any potential high-impact setbacks.


Highly customized

Start with the essentials: technician matching, asset management, and predictive maintenance. Then configure our platform to look out for situations unique to your organization alone – account for contract requirements, regulations, rotating field teams, and more. Avoid surprises and increase productivity every day.


Learn, improve, repeat

As your business grows, your needs change, and recommendations will adjust to fit these new requirements. Each passing day fuels your Recommendation Center with more data, more patterns, and more observations to analyze, resulting in increasingly customized, accurate predictions and recommendations.


Automate what works well

Once you’ve worked out the operational kinks flagged by your recommendations, put best practices on auto-pilot by updating workflows, routine maintenance schedules, skill requirements, and more based on your learnings.

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