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Low-Code Platform: The CIO’s Secret Solution to Field Service Agility and Flexibility

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This is an on-demand video of “Low-Code Platform: The CIO’s Secret Solution to Field Service Agility and Flexibility” which originally aired February 25th, 2021.

You’ve heard the phrase “the new normal” many times over the past several months. You know that many things about your life and your work will be different, for a long time to come.

Our crystal ball is fuzzy about most things but in the realm of field service, we benefit from seeing all of the experiences of our customers and partners. And that gives us confidence to offer some observations about how the new normal for field service is shaping up.

In a word? Resiliency.
And in another word? Urgency.

Given the business climate today, leading transformational initiatives is the top mandate from CEOs to their CIOs. Yet, IT teams are stretched thin. They’re managing complex IT environments, while servicing lines of business, developers, security and, increasingly, remote workers.
That’s where a low-code platform can help.

In this webinar we will take you through:

  • The growing importance of agility in your operations
  • The new paradigm in field service management and the product to platform leap
  • How to use a low-code platform to start transforming your field service operations


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Robert Hancock

Director of Sales