Virtual Event: The Big 5G

5G Growing Pains:
How AI-Driven Automation Lets Field Service Keep Up

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The arrival of 5G networks is putting the telecom world through one of the most awkward growth spurts in the history of technology. Why?

One of the biggest infrastructure projects of the decade landed right in the middle of the biggest pandemic of the century. And the 5G revolution isn’t just a one-time construction project.

With 300 small cell antennas replacing every traditional tower, the ongoing 5G field service requirements for maintenance and repairs are orders of magnitude bigger. And just as the job requirements are expanding, the workforce and working conditions are facing unprecedented challenges stemming from COVID-19.

The solution? Intelligent AI-driven field service automation that scales quickly, provides greater visibility into field service operations, and delivers the resiliency telecom carriers need to make 5G a reality.