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Mobilize Your Field Service — Power the Next Generation of Technicians

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As important as mobile smart devices are for most businesses, they become absolutely vital when an organization’s workforce is actively engaged in operations in the field. In fact, of all the technologies that have disrupted field service, mobility has the most profound impact so far. It effects a paradigm shift in the way field service technicians work, collaborate and communicate and thereby the only way for peak efficiency and accuracy is a mobile field service solution.

But not all mobile solutions are alike. As important as going mobile is, choosing the right solution for your business.

Watch this on demand webinar recorded December 16, 2020, where we will guide you through the evolution of mobile and how to use a mobile field service solution to unlock the true potential of your field services operations.



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Domingo Barros

Solution Architect, Zinier

Michael Sothan

Director of Revenue EMEA, Zinier