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Global leader in building critical human infrastructure in Energy, Water, Telecom, and Government Services.

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Overland Park, KS


Construction & Engineering

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The Challenge

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Black & Veatch’s (B&V) clients include large telecom companies with hundreds, even thousands of technicians who install and repair equipment on a daily basis, to leading satellite companies that provide complex tracking of ship fleets. Due to advancements in connectivity, large infrastructure projects and field teams are becoming highly distributed and B&V wanted to take a proactive approach to ensuring real-time visibility into its workforce. “We want to be proactive about the future of work because this is where things are headed. The more tech savvy our workforce is, the better positioned our workforce is,” said Barbie Bigelow, former CIO at B&V.

For B&V, moving away from traditional field service management included:

  • increasing back-office visibility into the field including tracking real-time job status and time to completion
  • improving operational efficiencies by digitizing and standardizing workflows for its fiber-splicing technicians

“We feel like our partners in the field [tower/fiber crews] are at such a disadvantage compared to the people in the office,” said Dave Simmons, sr. director of tech and innovation at B&V. “We have to close that gap. They are the critical lynchpin into 5G and the next generation of telecom. In the context, there is so much opportunity from a work perspective that we could do 50 percent more work, which means we could become more efficient with the current workforce and hire additional workers.”

B&V knew they needed an innovation partner and a centralized digital solution that could improve workforce productivity and connectivity. This was the beginning of the B&V and Zinier partnership. 

Introducing Zinier

The Solution

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Introducing Zinier

Within just months of initial meetings between B&V and Zinier, B&V was off and running with their field and workforce management transformation. Simmons says the Zinier platform helps Black & Veatch to adapt to a highly distributed workforce — the result of a digital economy, more connectivity and large infrastructure projects — and eliminates the back and forth between the field and the office, which means field workers can finish jobs quicker and move on to the next without downtime.

B&V is using Zinier’s low-code field service automation platform to get real-time visibility into the field, anticipate service disruptions through AI-driven recommendations, and improve operational efficiencies by automating manual front-office, back-office, and field service tasks. The platform helps ensure faster, more seamless communication among B&V’s extensive field services workforce. “ISAC’s intelligent routing takes many of the manual steps out of project management tasks like work order assignments, change orders, and recordkeeping. Our project teams connect on one real-time, integrated platform for streamlined operations from the field to the office and back again,” said Simmons.

In Their Words

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In Their Words

“There is so much opportunity to complete 50% more work, which means we could become more efficient with the current workforce and hire additional workers because of Zinier."

- Dave Simmons | Sr. Director, Tech and Innovation | Black & Veatch
Immediate Value

The Impact

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Immediate Value

With Zinier, B&V is empowering its team to work smarter and take on labor-intensive growth opportunities like the preparation for 5G. “The paradigm in which the work is done for small cells has to change. Technology has to be at the forefront of that change. We can’t do that efficiently and effectively if it doesn’t scale. We have to make the transformation. With our partnership with Zinier and with the technology we are confident we make a significant, positive improvement throughout the supply chain,” said Simmons.

B&V now captures real-time data as technicians move through tasks, automates scheduling and dispatching in a single interface, auto-generates close-out packages and is able to identify anomalies via AI. Skyrocketing user adoption is resulting in 2-3X more tasks completed, 85% reduction in truck rolls and multi-million dollars saved on repeat visits.

B&V’s proactive approach to digital transformation has resulted in rapid time to value, impact on its bottom line and increased customer satisfaction.

By the Numbers

Rapid Time to Value

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By the Numbers


Fewer repeat truck rolls

8 Month

Payback on Zinier investment

Double Digit

Percent profit margin growth

Multi-Million $

Reduction in revisit costs

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