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Global Managed Service Provider focused in part on providing infrastructure services for end-user computing equipments (i.e., desktop, laptops, peripherals, servers, storage, and network devices)

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Global Leader in IT Managed Services

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At a Glance


Bengaluru, India


IT Managed Service Provider


Internal & 3rd party technicians in infrastructure services




The Challenge

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Wipro Cloud & Infrastructure Services (CIS) provides a vast portfolio of services in a global delivery model. CIS delivers field services to roughly 400 customers globally, leveraging both Wipro internal teams as well as third party contractors / partners.

Wipro manages a variety of planned and unplanned contracted activities, supported by a global delivery model driven by workforce outsourcing. Wipro has been reaping the benefits of outsourcing, but also receiving customer complaints on service response time, service quality and customer satisfaction challenges associated with losing touch with their customers. 

Building organizational agility and delivering a flexible workforce model, whilst maintaining full compliance and consistency across the globe, has been a challenge.  Wipro has continued to face foundational operational challenges:

  • Inconsistent service quality and ability to maintain high-level of customer experience (i.e., difficulty meeting SLAs)
  • Difficulty managing workforce productivity and inventory management through scheduling, dispatching, and field execution (i.e., workforce shortage, low capacity of operations, and low value-added manual task completion)
  • Limited real-time field visibility and reactiveness (i.e., last minute cancellations and reschedules)

Despite using ServiceNow for their incident management ticketing system, in-field execution has remained a key area of inefficiencies for the organization.

Introducing Zinier

The Solution

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Introducing Zinier

Wipro is looking for an automated workforce management solution to be used as a front end interface applications (web and mobile) for both the internal and external field service management. Zinier with deploy end-to-end suite of pre-built field service solutions:

  • Work Order Management
  • Mobile Field Service
  • Field Force Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Asset Management
  • Parts & Inventory
  • Real-time Dashboards

Wipro is leveraging Zinier’s AI and Automation capabilities across the different stages of the field service value chain, from work order generation to close-out package creation. Zinier’s solution mainly supports Wipro’s PCB services across the full ICT equipment lifecycle, spanning from site survey and hardware / software installation, to data migration, upgrades, and asset recovery services.

Zinier will deploy an API integration with existing ITSM solution (ServiceNow), to ensure a direct flow of information between both systems and provide a seamless experience for end users.

In Their Words

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In Their Words
Immediate Value

The Impact

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Immediate Value

With Zinier, Wipro will be reducing demand for field service better forecasting and leveraging predictive maintenance. Field productivity and back-office effectiveness is expected through decreased execution time, improved in-field visibility. 

Improved response time across infrastructure services and streamlined communication for global field support is expected to drive OPEX savings.

By standardization field operations across internal & external resources, Wipro has enhanced its customer experience and customer satisfaction. This improvement is expected to directly increase new business volume.

By the Numbers

Operational Efficiency & Business Ability

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By the Numbers


Decreased operating expenditures

6-9 months

Time frame for savings capture


Increase in SLA completion rate

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